A story in texts

Caught on opposite sides of borders / hearts cry to be together / love gets lost on fault lines.

Cell phones of Randy and Sally are busy. They give off the ring alerts, announcing incoming messages, “ ting..ting.ting…!!”

Randy texts : Hey there, ready for it?

Sally messages back: Yeah, heading out, dyed hair to avoid suspicion.

Randy: Checked all papers to take, the list I gave?

Sally: Wonder why I need so much information, why do I have to show the divorce papers? But thx.

Randy: You know I would not let you go back to Mexico City, no way deported to certain death. Love you to the end.

Sally: I love you too.

Randy: Can’t believe we are getting married within few hrs! Guess what, I got the pearl ring you liked in the mall the other day, it’s not a diamond but holds all my love.

Sally: Aw!! (sends a red heart emoji before texting on.) Have to be off, calling cab, see you soon.

Randy: Sure, see you soon.


Randy is waiting at the meeting spot, the gas station on Charco Road, Arizona. Waiting for an hour, Randy is worried, his hands are red on the knuckles of hands at the steering of his blue Mazda. It’s not Sally to be late, he checks his silent cell phone once more, No messages. He starts texting.

Randy : Sally, where are you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago. You okay?

Message back form Sally’s phone : Hey man, the cab driver here. Your lady was in my cab when the cops came. She threw the cell to me before they got her and asked me to answer your texts, to let you know.

Randy: Dios! Sally oh no, Sally! That can’t be, cops got her?

Cab driver on Sally’s phone: I am sorry for all that. Hey, you want your lady’s phone set? I am at the end of Charco Rd.

Randy : (Sobbing over the phone) No, no, how can I save her?

Cab driver on Sally’s phone : You got a friend here. Amigo, can I help?

Randy : Don’t know, we were getting married to keep her being deported. Thanks but there was not much you could do.

Cab driver on Sally’s phone: Yeah,I suppose. (Sighs) Borders divide too many loves, kill too many people and speaking of Mexico and US…

Randy : Coming to get the phone, what’s your exact location?

Cab driver on Sally’s phone : Hey wait, them cops here again. Think they will ask me questions.

Randy: Please hide the phone, I will be in trouble if they get it.

Cab driver on Sally’s phone: I can’t because..

There come brisk orders on handing the phone over and then the connections are snapped.

Randy stares at the photo of Sally on the screen of his cell as tears roll down his cheeks. He whispers, “If I get caught for sheltering you, my only crime would be to have loved you..”

Sally would have kissed Randy’s tears away, but no one was there to witness the anguish of a love being lost.


Tulip Chowdhury writes from Massachusetts, USA.