Is Your Soul Being Called?

Alone or in the Company of Others?

The word company can take on several different contexts: ‘I founded this company’ or ‘I’ve invited company to dinner.’ Go one step further to explore the word accompaniment as in, ‘the horn is a melodic accompaniment to the jazz singer’s vocals.’

Company is a different energy than alone. For highly sensitive people, alone is not just a nice option, but an absolute regular necessity. Deliberately scheduling alone time to connect with just our thoughts, with only our emotions, releasing the energy of ‘being on.’

However, we also really need company. Our soul longs to be with others who understand our sensitive experience. With whom we can engage in deep, meaningful dialogue. The conversation weaving itself into an ever expanding co-creative exploration of possibility, one thought building upon another as the foundation for new insight — the same way our own brain works with the added joy of playing it out with other people.

For many years, I did not enjoy being with company as much as I liked being alone. I rarely invited anyone to my house and dreaded those mandatory group events at work. Essentially, I chose to live in relative hermit status.

In my business coaching session last night, my coach asked me, so what changed? What was the impetus that shifted me from virtual recluse to become the founder of a 500 person HSP community, leading monthly live and online workshops, blogging publicly about my vulnerabilities and experiences as a sensitive person?

Great question. The answer is both simple and incredibly complex.

At a fundamental level, I felt my soul calling.

I had no idea of what I was being called to, but it became clear the time to act was now! I chose to listen to my intuitive knowing, trust it, even when what emerged seemed strange or unexplainable. As I looked back on my life, when I ignored or minimized my intuitive gift, I often experienced long-term consequences, many unpleasant or even painful. Since then, I’ve been determined to embrace my gifts and oh, how things have changed.

I kept taking small actions every day to shift the circumstances of my life. I recognized as a sensitive person, just blindly falling into (and staying with) whatever came up was no longer working. I needed to proactively create a life that supports my unique needs.

I joined a metaphysical community, Spiritual Arts Institute and reconnected deeply with the spiritual center inside of me. Practicing daily meditation for the past four years has fundamentally shifted my mindset and brought a strong inner peace even when life throws me curveballs.

I began taking a hard look at the relationships I was engaged in: are they healthy, are they loving, are they reciprocal? Who should I be spending more time with, who should I be spending less time with?

Deep breath, which relationships to let go of…

I looked around at my home environment, living in a cramped apartment in a busy town next to the highway — it was no longer an option. After a long search, I rented an older home on an acre farther out in the country. I can only see one of my neighbors, but animal sightings take place daily. Hawks, bobcat, raccoons, I even welcomed the copperhead snake on the front porch. The beauty of my backyard forest, the quiet, it really supports my soul’s connection to the natural world.

I left a job commuting a hour each direction in bumper to bumper traffic for a smaller, local company just five minutes away. And recently, I negotiated to reduce my work hours to part-time — reducing stress, managing overstimulation and opening time for developing my writing and coaching company.

My affirmation this year is: ‘I will treat my body like my best friend.’ 
This part of my journey included changing my relationship with food forever, eating vegetables, fruits, lean meats and whole grains. Taking vitamin supplements to ensure my body has everything it needs to thrive. Dedicating time to sleep, walking in nature and dancing for exercise. Listening daily to my favorite music, making time to play, to be creative, to laugh out loud. Connecting with my tribe, those with whom I feel a close alignment. Letting my gifts shine out wherever I am, with everyone I meet.

Being unapologetically me.

Who I’ve become is not really someone different, I’m actually coming back, coming home to my true, authentic nature. It’s the life I’ve always been meant to have. But, most importantly, I don’t look back with regret on the past when I didn’t live this way. Perhaps I needed the contrast in order to fully embrace where I am right now. I’m guessing where I am right now will eventually become the contrast to who I’m growing into. My future self, looking back with fondness, love and gratitude for my current life lessons.

Are you ready to create the life that best supports you as a highly sensitive person? I invite you to explore whether my Life Shift program, a one-to-one heart connection might be the right fit.

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Bevin Niemann, Founder