Sorry to hear that, that even more of a personal attack.
Hey Bevin,
Zdravko Cvijetic


After having a full day to process what happened, I recognized that there are two sides or maybe 17 sides to this thing. First, as a visual artist and writer, I absolutely believe in and defend intellectual property rights. On the other hand, from a deeper spiritual perspective, those that chose to plagiarize others are coming from a misguided attempt to keep up with the unfortunate business and social values of our time — you’re only successful if you have more tweets, more followers and I suppose haters?

When I started my company and ventured out into the internet marketing wilderness, I realized almost immediately it was going to be important for me to have a clear understanding of my own personal ethics, what I would and would not engage in. I am striving to bring a more positive vision to our world, releasing off the need for everything to be so dog-eat-dog and encourage collaboration and open source sharing of ideas and content.

Thank you for your support, but no I am not going to spend valuable energy trying to get justice nor do I believe that the number of haters I have shows I’m on the right path. I know in my heart I’m on the right path because my intention is always to be in alignment in my actions, my words and how I do business which what I teach in my life coaching programs — as they say, walk the talk. So, I forgive whatever seemingly desperate person decided to acquisition my writing, I thank them for spreading the word about my message (however dubious the advertising) and perhaps that type of site is exactly where my writing needs to reach. It’s one thing to reach those who are already on a similar path, it’s quite another to connect when the message is fresh and new. So appreciate the dialogue and best to you in your writing and success in your company…