Today’s Teens Are Tired!

All these are great ideas — but I’ve found that it is SO important to get buy-in from our teens on the importance of good sleep.

Teens (high school and college) are in a culture which brags about getting by on so little sleep and has really internalized “time enough to sleep when I’m dead.”

My son who has the best sleep hygiene has been convinced through his own research that sleep leads to better performance in school and sports. He’s downloaded f.lux on his computer. He has a great evening routine.

My teen who has the worst sleep? Well, we and the docs consider it a biological problem which has only been exacerbated by teen hormones. We work with him to have good sleep, but his body doesn’t always cooperate.

Regardless , by the time our kids are teens, a top-down enforcement of bedtime, ending screen time, etc., our teens themselves are the ones who need to believe sleep is important and are ready to make changes themselves.

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