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We often speak about innovation as it relates to design, products, services, and people strategies. Innovation in the sphere of sales and marketing is probably the greatest opportunity of our time in any industry.

Salespeople are always racking their brains for newer techniques to help them boost sales. Everything in the world depends in some form or fashion on sales. As all markets indirectly depend on sales, there is no other growing innovation that has received hype more than (AI) artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is already beginning to deliver on its potential for extraordinary sales and it is not doing so by hampering the ability or potential of human intelligence. …

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Many scientists of the past were right when they predicted that we won’t be able to solve the problems of the future with the same kind of thinking of the past.

With the rapid changes that society is going through every day, the methods we have been using to deal with our problems in the past are no longer relevant.

We need to develop thinking methods that are much more efficient and systemized and do not depend on human skills and physical labor.

Innovation of this kind will certainly help us tackle problems of the 21st century in the most practical way possible. …

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Employers look for certain characteristics in potential employees. They primarily look for dependability, sincerity, teamwork, general intelligence, willingness to learn, and ability to adapt.

Among many essential qualities, emotional intelligence is a must if you value resilience and longevity from employees.

Someone may be highly qualified and experienced, but if they cannot adapt to the workplace and motivate themselves when things become difficult, such an employee will have a hard time adding value to an organization long term.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ or emotional quotient) is the ability to perceive, understand, and manage one’s feelings and emotions. …

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Leadership in its true essence is more about helping others than yourself. Empathy means the ability to understand the needs of those around you. Empathy is an essential quality of an effective leader.

As a leader, you must be aware of what those who have chosen to follow you are thinking and feeling. This will help you in defining your relationship with your team and lead more effectively.

It should not be misunderstood here that as a leader you are supposed to agree with the viewpoint of others, but it means that you are willing to acknowledge and appreciate their concerns. …

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The weight of pressure is an inborn piece of work culture. Each of us faces pressure regardless of position, profile, title, insight, or sexual orientation.

Steady pressure can cause us to fail to remember that others around us may be experiencing similar circumstances.

As a leader, if you trouble your workers with an excessive number of tasks, it can later turn into reason for frustration and demotivation for your whole team. It doesn’t make a difference if the weight of pressure is coming from the top, from your friends, or from yourself.

In the long run, it will negatively affect the psychological and actual prosperity of everybody. It is fundamental to not just acknowledge when there is unnecessary tension, but to successfully oversee and evade it. …

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Every company at one point in time will face difficult circumstances. It can become difficult to serve customers and stay ahead of the competition.

While it may seem to be an impossible task to make it through difficult times, there is still one aspect that can drive companies through them. Innovation.

A company that embraces innovation can successfully overcome crisis and substantially increase its overall stability and profits.

Innovation in Times of Crisis

Innovation helps a company solve new problems that arise during difficult times with out-of-the-box solutions. …

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Self-realization is a term historically associated with having a family or traveling the world, but it truly means empowering yourself to bring about real change in people’s lives.

As an entrepreneur you get the opportunity to create something of value for the world. You also create opportunities for people to grow as leaders. By enabling leaders, you create impact on people’s lives by challenging them to transform into better individuals.

A leader has the potential to help solve real-time problems and evolve through opportunities and challenges. …

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We have all been in a place at some point in our lives where we felt as if we hit rock bottom.

Still, we survived.

Despite thinking it wasn’t possible at the time, we still made it through.

This year has been full of unexpected turns, and it has pushed a lot of us into a dark place. Some had to face personal losses while many got into financial troubles.

As a politically divided nation it feels as if we are collectively in a new rock bottom and we may not be getting out of it.

Whatever the circumstances don’t lose hope. History shows we humans always find a way back, even stronger than before. …

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Unplanned circumstances this year have drastically altered our personal and professional life. The changes that we have gone through so far in 2020 have left us overwhelmed. Some of us have lost loved ones while others have lost their livelihood.

We are perpetually living in fear of the unknown. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t been affected by changes and uncertainty this year.

Change is Disruptive

Whether it is the change that we choose to make in our lives, or it is the change that is being forced upon us by sudden turn of events, change is always disruptive.

Change leads to a ripple effect on people. The impact of any change is usually more than we anticipate, and it affects all of us. …

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Have you recently lost a job or suffered personal loss? Learning to become a manifesting machine might be just what you need right now.

People talk about manifestation a lot. Manifesting your dream life, job, relationship, and every other thing. Often many people think all you have to do is dream it, desire it, and magically things will just manifest in your life.

However, the real power of manifestation is within you, and you can realize and achieve anything you take the right actions towards.

“The secret to manifestation is learning to grow as a person from inside-out rather than outside-in.”


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