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Everyone has dreams, aspirations and ambitions. Although these differ from person to person, there comes a time in every person’s life when we begin to expect for our aspirations to become reality.

Sometimes our aspirations are truly ours, and other times they are driven by the desire to be liked, even adored by our friends and family.

What happens when you get where you thought you wanted to be, only to discover you’re at the wrong place?

What happens when you have had to compromise what you stand for and the very essence of your being to do something in…

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Creativity and the innovative problem-solving abilities of employees should be fostered from the inside. While manifesting ideas require a lot of structure and a high degree of adherence to deadlines, a truly innovative organization provides its employee enough room to make strides in areas that have yet to be explored.

Warmth enables the emergence of novel and new ideas in the workplace to become commonplace, making the entire process of working more productive and efficient.

More rigid organizations whose primary motive and long-term goal is to avoid as much risk as possible in their respective markets stifle employees by not…

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Employees who are disengaged cause losses to companies in the long run. The cumulative revenue impact across companies can add up to $500 billion every single year.

As a result of loss of efficiency, companies around the world are actively searching ways to create cultures that are less toxic, more productive and more efficient.

However, most company cultures often create a paradigm that encourages micromanagement activities with employees, which causes further disgruntled employees.

In the long run, instead of having a positive impact on the work culture, it leads to negative and often degrading impact on people.

Company cultures focused…

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While several nations are celebrating their independence from foreign rule every year, the same cannot be said for the superimposition of various factors on people in workplaces.

Employees also deserve freedom and independence from the command-and-control structures that are still very pervasive in corporate culture today. Here are some of the questions that need to be addressed to maintain freedom in order to build more trust in corporate cultures.

● Does the workplace allow employees to process and share feedback that relate to performance across all levels of the organization?

● Does the workplace sufficiently allow employees to become confident…

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A lot has changed in the customer service space in the past 20 years. Few businesses use to pay attention to the quality of their customer service. They spent more time and resources on things that could bring them revenue.

Businesses also didn’t pay much attention to the hassle customers had to go through to report a problem or get an inquiry resolved. Waiting for hours on end for representatives to answer customer queries was the normal.

There was no access to online chat with customer care, let alone any kind of self-service resolution capabilities. …

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Innovation marketing is a discipline that encompasses activities and novel processes to introduce and deliver entirely new products.

This includes research into the needs of customers, concept and prototype tests with customers, and developing plans on how to market these new products in a saturated market.

“Innovation marketing is playing a leading role in securing and increasing the success of products in markets that are becoming saturated.”

Many successful entrepreneurs have embraced the concept of integrating innovation in marketing. …

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We often speak about innovation as it relates to design, products, services, and people strategies. Innovation in the sphere of sales and marketing is probably the greatest opportunity of our time in any industry.

Salespeople are always racking their brains for newer techniques to help them boost sales. Everything in the world depends in some form or fashion on sales. As all markets indirectly depend on sales, there is no other growing innovation that has received hype more than (AI) artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is already beginning to deliver on its potential for extraordinary sales and it is not doing…

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Many scientists of the past were right when they predicted that we won’t be able to solve the problems of the future with the same kind of thinking of the past.

With the rapid changes that society is going through every day, the methods we have been using to deal with our problems in the past are no longer relevant.

We need to develop thinking methods that are much more efficient and systemized and do not depend on human skills and physical labor.

Innovation of this kind will certainly help us tackle problems of the 21st century in the most…

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Employers look for certain characteristics in potential employees. They primarily look for dependability, sincerity, teamwork, general intelligence, willingness to learn, and ability to adapt.

Among many essential qualities, emotional intelligence is a must if you value resilience and longevity from employees.

Someone may be highly qualified and experienced, but if they cannot adapt to the workplace and motivate themselves when things become difficult, such an employee will have a hard time adding value to an organization long term.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ or emotional quotient) is the ability to perceive, understand, and manage one’s feelings and emotions. …

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Leadership in its true essence is more about helping others than yourself. Empathy means the ability to understand the needs of those around you. Empathy is an essential quality of an effective leader.

As a leader, you must be aware of what those who have chosen to follow you are thinking and feeling. This will help you in defining your relationship with your team and lead more effectively.

It should not be misunderstood here that as a leader you are supposed to agree with the viewpoint of others, but it means that you are willing to acknowledge and appreciate their…

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