CNA week 3

Drugs lead to prison time

A judge gave a Lynchburg women a 3 year sentence for her drug addiction. The police raided Jaide Keyona Ferguson, an found 70 grams of cocaine in her bedroom. Ferguson pleaded guilty to the charges.

Unfair daycare

A grand jury will hear a Lynchburg woman accused hurting a child. Asia Zhane Mays, 22, was arrested after police investigated a claim of abusive care at the Caterpillar Clubhouse. After investigating the case a judged ruled that it would move forward.

White supremacist in Lynchburg

with school starting up the white supremacists have started putting propaganda on local schools to recruit students. The group Identity Evropa, used twitter to share photos of its stickers posted on the campuses of Liberty University. According to the groups Twitter account, the stickers were posted on Sept. 3.

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