What is good writing

Good writing is the use of words to convey a message or feeling in the shortest and quickest way possible. The way that we use words as journalist has a massive impact on our lives, and the lives of our readers.

The use of good writing is becoming more of an unknown thing with all of today’s modern technology’s and advancements in journalism. In society as a whole we have taken further and further steps away from writing and drawn closer to typing.

With all this talk about how writing has changed and what it has become verses what it was, lets talk about what good writing is. Why do we write? We write because we are responding or reacting to something or someone. Any type of writing is in response to something else.

Even though writing might feel like it is segregating an individual act or event, it might feel like the only things involved are you and your computer or piece of paper, it is a way to act socially, a way that we use to communicate to the people and world.

When writing happens, it is usually inspired and takes some time to get our idea on the page. Nothing worth writing happens quickly. When we write, we do it because we are reacting to a situation that has impacted our lives in some way. And we want others to feel the emotion that we went through in that moment.

Understanding our readers socially, physically and mentally will help us to reach them with what we are writing about. The context in which we write has a huge impact on our statements. This in turn, requires us as writers to have a feel for the reader’s expectations and an mindfulness for what they need and want to hear.

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