Conjoined Twins

Nelson Tum
Oct 4, 2017 · 1 min read

Do you ask yourself why you can’t be flawless in speech? If you do, it is because you don’t practice writing. And if you practice, then you don’t give it your best.

Writing and Speech are twins conjoined at the heart.

Writing is a personal passion that one has to cultivate and nurture. It is an inward feeling that itches and compels one to put it down on a ‘medium’ platform. Whether on paper, or in this case a device like the one i am using to pass this message across.

A good writer is a good orator as well. To be able to build your confidence in public speaking and boost your stream of consciousness, you have to practice writing. Not just writing, but good writing. My good friend Kamron, would say that your speech shouldn’t be above reproach, just communicate. That’s all! If you can communicate then you can write.

Writing is a complement to speech and a conventional tool developed by the human society. It is one of the best discoveries ever invented by man.

I just wrote six paragraphs from my stream of consciousness (internal speech) and feels really good to make sense.

Do you now agree that writing and speech are two conjoined twins? I do.

Nelson Tum

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