I discovered about self-reassurance

Scrolling down through my laptop screen trying to find something on the medium.com that catches my eyes was not hard at all. A lot of interesting topics that people wrote grab my attention and it feels like it invites me to read their article. The medium.com has a section of top stories which was based by how many readers that red the article today. As I was searching for articles to read, the theme of life and self-reflection keeps coming up. I became attracted to those topics and I manage red some of them.

I have noticed that writers in medium.com are somewhat personally related to what they have written. The majority of the people wrote about something that they have endured or experience that they feel like people will relate to. An article that I found was about how this woman believes that by marrying a rich guy, her life would be easier. She talks about how women are not considered as equal in the workplace. She talks about how it is politically wrong and how women’s right in this matter needs to be questioned. I found it very interesting because I do feel like sometimes women and men aren’t considered equal to each other. The writer also talks about what would happen if she marries a rich guy. She mentioned “We have achieved a type of feminist parity ideologically, with the belief that “women can do anything men can do” but have not achieved the historical goal of respecting the accomplishments of women over time”[1] it struck me as a women that what she’s saying is true. Woman earnings are 18.2% less than man’s.[2] Many cases like maternity leave and low wages has always been a problem as a gender inequality on the workplace. She also mentioned about how she does not have to work when she has a rich husband and therefore her life will be easier. I found that shockingly true, though I still think that being a housewife is one of the hardest “professions” that one’s can endure, which she talks about it later in the passage. I now know how hard it is actually for woman to stand for our right due to the mindset that one’s had about how female should behaved and how females should do. It has made me reassure my self that feminism is something to consider and talk about, in a way that it could help broadens my understanding about topics similar to this.

The greater part of what I have red in medium.com is about life; most of them is about self-reflection. They offer the same personal touch to it, which I really like, because it makes me feel that I can relate to the situation. I red about a man who has been achieving great things in his life, but on the other hand he did not succeed in his attempt to perform suicide and am proud of his failure. He wrote about how he managed to have a some sort of reckoning towards what he has done in the past and let things go so he can move on to his future. The common part that I found was I realize almost all of the articles that I have red stands on either black or white, nothing’s grey. The story that I red is very personal and motivating. I do agree on an extent to what he said about how he recovers from the suicidal thoughts but on the other hand I do feel like something like this requires a professional perspective and this is subjective towards people. The articles in medium.com that I have red feel like a light reading and easy to understand. A lot of them use everyday words that made me easier to understand, which is good. Reading about feminism and life lessons related topic has made me questioned about the way I was thinking of the topics and has opens a new perspective.

[1] Lindsay, Emma. “Why I Think I Should Marry a Rich Man.” Medium. Medium.com, 06 Oct. 2016. Web. 10 Oct. 2016.

[2] Australian Human Rights Commission. “Face the Facts: Gender Equality.”Ahrc.admin. Australian Human Rights Commission, 2014. Web. 10 Oct. 2016.

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