Marx to the Max

Throughout unit one I began to notice all the vast connections between society and its development as well as the imprint it left on sociologists and philosophers. This can be shown all throughout history even during the industrial revolution when technological advancements started taking place. Societal development impacted these creative thinkers to ponder what society really is and all the greater possibilities, thus emerged Karl Marx and his society theories.

Marx concluded that with societal change came societal growth resulting from the effects of the social means of production. I found this to be very interesting, I feel this can be said not only in the time of Karl Marx but all throughout history. In today’s day in age society is impacted by many things even social media. From something as simple as an exchange of words or exchanging of thoughts and ideas emerges something bigger than we may or may not have realized. Society today has been shaped by the imaginations and creations of many making our society what is now.

As Karl Marx once said, “ The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point however, is to change it.” (Karl Marx, Eleven Theses on Feuerbach) Marx not only left an impact on other philosophers and sociologist but the people as a whole. This can be seen at many times throughout history. For example, his prediction of capitalism inequalities inspired many workers to revolt against their capitalist leaders. While researching more information on Marx I found a list of quotes from the great sociologist himself and reading those quotes inspired me as well.

It takes a lot to hold a place in history, especially a place where you can inspire other great thinkers around you as well. Not only does Karl Marx work still stand and influence many even to this day, but his theories and thoughts are still shared with the world, that to me proves just how much he has influenced and impacted sociology and our world today.