To Rationalize or Not To Rationalize

Throughout history we have all played a big role in the development of society whether we know it or not. From the vast differences from the feudal period to the industrial period, society has changed drastically. In the informational society in which we currently live in we have improved and advanced our society in just the last ten years alone. It’s interesting to look at what we had ten years ago versus what we currently have now. Ten years ago we would of not had the knowledge of snapchat, Instagram, or even Twitter and memes. Now looking back even further to just twenty years, times almost seem archaic. Just the thought of living without social media or smart phones may seem crazy now but can you imagine twenty years ago when they didn’t even exist yet?

Looking back at the societies we have learned about so far, it would not only be a social,economical, and political adjustment but we would all experience quite a bit of culture shock as well. I have realized that freedom has become a generalized theme in America that can easily be taken for granted. Comparing all the freedom we have in our daily lives to back in feudal or industrial Societies our lives would not be the same. I prefer living in the informational society we are in now because we have adapted our daily lives around what we have, we have become dependent and rationalized. Rationalization as defined in our textbooks as “a belief that modern society should be built around logic and efficiency rather than morality or tradition” Griffiths (2012) Sociology 2e (2nd edition). We have come up with the technological advancements that not only improve our daily tasks such as coffee machines or refrigerators but we have the advancements that improve our overall health and life expectancy as well!

Alienation can be something we experience in our daily lives without even knowing it! After reading Marx description of alienation of society it was a bit mind boggling to compare and contrast that of my own life and the life of others I know. Alienation as stated in the text book is the “condition in which the individual is isolated and divorced from his or her society,work or sense of self” Griffiths (2012) sociology 2e (2nd edition). One example of alienation in my own life would be alienation from ones self. Since I am currently unemployed as of July I have found myself having more free time which can be a good and a bad thing. It becomes beneficial when it comes to schoolwork and household chores that need to be done but once that is done I find myself either talking on the phone with friends for hours or binge watching Netflix series.

An achieved status that I have successfully achieved in my lifetime would be my high school diploma as well as my goals in becoming a dance instructor. As an achieved status is a position that has been accomplished by either earning or choosing it. My high school diploma was earned by my good grades and my schoolwork as we all have earned our high school diplomas the same way. Becoming a dance instructor was something familiar as far as dance but instructing classes on my own was something that I had to work for and learn the ropes of becoming a dance teacher. An ascribed status I have occupied in my life would be my Puerto Rican ethnicity and my brown eyes as it is something that I was born worth. Overall, society has drastically changed throughout each era whether that be from the individual changes or from the vast changes of society we see as a whole.