Once Upon a Time

First of all, if you fell here and don’t know the Godot Engine, it’s an awesome game engine (and it is free and open-source). You can see more on the official website.

Much more than just 4 Pull Requests

Anyone who has heard of the famous Inktober should know that it is a daily challenge in which you go to your limits trying to draw something every day during the month of October. Some years ago, a similar event was created to encourage people to spend more time contributing to open-source projects. One of the main goals is to help several people make their very first contributions.

The event was and still is a success, mainly because I started contributing to other projects because of Hacktoberfest in 2015. The following year I saw the event as something mandatory, especially…

William Tumeo

Systems Analyst and Game Developer at @NovastrikeMEDIA; Supporter of open-source initiative; I 💜 Python and Godot Engine; Dyslexic but learning English and 日本語

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