Tummy tuck in Singapore is better than mini tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck procedure has more than one name — Abdominoplasty or contouring Liposuction.

This is not suitable procedure for people who want to lose a lot of weight. There are different weight loss procedures who will help you to reduce your weight but tummy tuck is not one of them. Abdominoplasty is suitable for people who already have achieved their perfect weight and want to get rid of the unnecessary skin. It involves some tightening of the muscles, too. If you are proud owner of stretch marks on your skin from Jo Jo effect this procedure is the right solution.

Why you should choose a full tummy tuck instead of mini tummy tuck.

Both of the procedures are going to save you from the excessive skin but they have their advantages and disadvantages. A full tummy tuck will leave you two different scars — one on side to side in the panty line and another scar around the belly button. Both of them are inevitable. The other disadvantage is that the recovery time is several weeks and you should stay in the hospital first few nights. It is surgery which can`t treat the fat around the love handles and above the belly button. If you want to get rid of them a full tummy tuck (Singapore) is not the best procedure for you, advising TummyTuckSingapore.COM. Most of the people who want their love handles to disappear usually choose mini tummy tuck procedure. It is called mini because it is less complicated and the recovery period is shorter. In most of the cases, people are allowed to go home the very same day. An additional advantage is that after this day surgery there is only one scar and it is shorter but this is because less skin is removed. Muscle tightening is also less than a full procedure. Comparing the two procedures is essential if you want to have realistic expectations.

tummy tuck options

Most of the surgeons prefer to do a liposuction plus tummy tuck. Liposuction helps to contour and shape the stomach area. Of course, it is up to the patient but most of the surgeons insist in order to get the best results.

Who is suitable candidate for tummy tuck surgery.

Almost everyone who wants to get rid of the abdominal extra skin is suitable. However, the procedure is not recommended for women who want to get pregnant or who are pregnant. Men can have Abdominoplasty, too. If you have recently lost a lot of weight but your skin is too loose, go for it and make an appointment for a consultation for tummy tuck liposuction in Singapore, recommends TummyTuckSingapore.COM. During the consultation, it is a good strategy to ask your surgeon as many questions as you think up. Choosing a surgeon is not an easy task so you should be careful and check everything several times. The surgery is not something that could be done by amateurs. You should ask your surgeon to show you photos of previous patients. This way you will get to know the style of him and the quality of his surgeries. An additional advice is to check your insurance contract because most of them don`t cover cosmetic surgeries. If the reasons for the surgery are health troubles, then there is a chance the insurance to cover some part of it. But just to make sure you should check.

As we said the recovery is not an easy and it is really important to have someone around first few days. Your back and abs will hurt and you couldn`t reach high with your arms so you will need someone to cook you and look after you. Tummy tuck surgery is procedure invented to help and increase people`s self-esteem and every effort is worth it.

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