Photo Essay — A Week Before Deepavali

Armed with a Fujifilm X70, I took to the streets of Little India the week before Deepavali for a quiet moment of reflection and simple photojournalism.

Of course the streets were far from quiet.

A woman gets fitted for a new dress.
Striking mundu.

There was a night market in the area, just outside the MRT station and it was absolutely packed.

Shopkeeper sells bits and bobs.
A child plays with a balloon while her mother bargains at a store.
A child waits for her family after getting a henna tattoo.
A shopkeeper retrieves a trinket for prospective customers.
A young boy is mesmerised by the bright colours and lights above him.

But just take a few steps away from the bustle of the festivities and life goes on as usual.

A man sits alone, away from the flurry of activity nearby.
An elderly collects cardboard boxes for recycling — and then shoos me to get out of her way.
An elderly continues to collect cardboard boxes after a group of people stroll past in good spirits.
A restaurant employee has a spot of dinner in a back alley.
A dishwasher having a smoke break.
A young man sits alone on a doorstep in a very dark alleyway. How dark? Shot-at-1/30s-ISO6400-and-bumped-2-stops-in-post kind of dark.
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