ME & ma Regular Day :)

me …….. ditto…….

An average work-day starts with me not wanting to leave the bed at 6 am when my Alarm Clock rings. I then summon the needed courage at 6.23 am which always seems very mysterious because it tends to be around the same time most days. I then jump out of bed like am being yelled at by a camp commandant at a makeshift boot camp ;) head to the mirror and stare at my face angrily for some secs; then i head to the kitchen like someone ready to fix a meal only to wash the dirty dishes of the previous day and head out :o thinking out loud at how weird i was lol.

OOOOO… did i mention that am a Nigerian and i live in the most populous city in Africa “LAGOS- EKO ILE” where everybody belongs to somebody and anybody belongs to nobody (funny abi’). Well, what i am trying to say is … its a no man’s land so anything goes.


eko ileeeeee…. ;)


So back to the tale of my day. I finally pull my self out of the house at say 6.49 am most mornings and am always in a rush like every other “anybodys & somebodys” that ply any of the routes in a basic lagos morning road-rush. I get to the bus-stop where i either have an option of a Keke (a tricycle — for ma Yankee readers :) ) or a Danfo bus depending on sharp nearby availability. I rush in disregarding the queue most times because there is a saying around this parts that “the patient dog isn’t ready to get busy — ignore my direct translation off my local yoruba dialect”. The dudes on the queue scream at me but i just turn my face and act like “an anybody/somebody who really doesnt care :D” . The Danfo-Bus/Keke then makes his way through a beehive of potholes, other hussling lagosians, anbodys & somebodys that woulda littered the streets, hawkers, steady and regular traffic, touts that extort monies from anybodys, police that act like street orchids, traffic light that never works or just works opposite to the supposed purpose…. etc excetera exxceteraa **phewww***

oboi he no easy ( Ma yankee guys- this is a lingua called pidgin english meaning ‘Its not easy’ but with strong conviction lol)…. Oya moving on….

KEKE…… (naijas’ own tricycle) ;)

Give or take .. i spend about 1 hour+ getting to work and in between you might find a lot of drama in the Danfo Buses or even the Keke as Lasgidi is never short in supply of random fun and local laughter. I get to work on an average day smelling like “Lagos Literally” cos i woulda accumulated all different kinds of smells and i woulda encountered a variety of specie of human “beings” …. so i get to work and i hurriedly do a lil clean up in the gents and i then look like the dude at the beginning of this post.

But fresh from lagos traffik….. i look at this dude below :(

moi after a ride in a keke…

… Commuting up and down Lagos, Nigeria takes a toll of you .. either you taking the public means of transportation or your own private car as “we — anybodys & somebodys” all get to use the same roads and interact with the same people. “Lagos isn’t for the Lilly-Livered tho” lol :) so i count myself lucky to be a somebody in this nobody’s land lol…..

Well, am an IT Guy so the day is always majorly about problem solving and after “the reggae, we play the blues” lol

hahahhaaa… dont mind my sense of humor lol… this new jamz really does it for me after a hard day’s task.


After the hard days work on every other day…

We head out in drones as if …. released by the Nigerian Govt. to go fight Boko Haram lol….

and its basically the same routine back home …. but an average lagosian has to now be much more careful as to not get pocket-jacked or mugggeddd by the “nobodys” that ply lagos roads at night.. Private cars aint exempted here cos this crazy dudes will do anything to rub even something as small as a $10 mobile phone.


But after all that Reggae :) …. We play the blueessss…

>> NITE LIFE in lagos is the issshhh — meennn… “u know what am saying….;)

geraraaa hereeee meennn,,,,… u know am sayinn… lol

So we really know how to work hard and play way too hard lol..

….But at the end of it all…

i retire back to my Bed and reminisce on the Day gone by… cos i made it for a whole day in lagos.. wow… means am destined to make it anywhere and every where else :).


So you took out time to check out my first Medium post.

Well…. holopp holloop .. just hollop…

drop me a line…” you know am saying ;) ……

… Ese gann mi… a’ma riyin baa o ;)