Business owner? Hiring freelancers might be what you need to grow your business


Are you an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, corporate person or a small business owner? Most likely, your skills are very important to running the operational core of your business- that’s why you work there, isn’t it?

But growing your organization be it a startup or a company you’ve run for years requires a range of other digital skillsets like graphic design, web design, web development, software programming and writing- skills that you may not have. So how can you ensure you hire the best people to build your business?

By posting a project (or micro-job or gig) on Findworka, you gain access to millions who are experts in over 900 skills. With such a large and diverse talent pool, you’ll always find the person you need for your business.

Hiring a competent freelancer is as easy as posting a project complete with project title, description, budget and expected timeline. Shortly after, freelancers from all around Nigeria would begin to “show interest” on your project. Their show of interest means that they have the skillset that you need and have the time to work on your project for the stated project.

Hire a Freelancer on Findworka and get more done today.

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