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Tunde Ojo is a solicitor managing his own firm, GMSL Legal Services, in the UK. Tunde started GMSL Legal Services 11 years ago. GMSL Legal Services handles a variety of legal matters, including public and environmental matters, employment, immigration, contracts, commercial, family law, as well as mixed civil and criminal matters.

Before becoming an attorney, Tunde had studied Environmental Biotechnology at King’s College London and worked in environmental consulting. His environmental consulting work ultimately inspired him to get into the legal profession to make a larger impact after he participated in a research initiative as a visiting scholar at the Ben-Gurion university of the Negev in Israel. This gave him valuable experience in legal research and in identifying and analyzing legislation designed to address climate change. …

Some Useful Tips for Lawyerly Success in the Digital Realm

Practicing law online without a fixed, physical location was already becoming something of a trend in recent years, but since the COVID-19 outbreak has taken hold, it has grown — understandably — even more popular. Health and safety concerns about the virus aside, it’s easy to see why. Forming an online practice carries with it many advantages, including reduced overhead, personal and professional flexibility, and, not least of which, a permanent removal of any kind of commute. …

Over the last decade, technology has advanced at an increasingly rapid pace, affecting how industries around the world do business. As a result of the on-going pandemic, fields that typically rely on face-to-face interaction, like the legal system, are having to adopt new practices and procedures that may impact how the industry functions permanently.

Under ordinary circumstances, Tunde Ojo from the Kent, UK says in-person interaction is generally used for attorney-client meetings to discuss pending legal cases. However, medical researchers have discovered that the virus can spread via respiratory droplets generated by a cough or sneeze, through close and prolonged personal contact, or by touching a virus-ridden object and then touching your nose, eyes, or mouth. …


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