Stop Grumbling! Start Thinking!


It is difficult back home. At least that’s what everybody says (em… majority actually). And by home I mean Nigeria. The youths are vexed. Nothing is working. The society is failing. The average Nigerian is frowning. Go confirm that on the streets of say, Lagos. Ask a stranger what time it is and you will see the look on his face. It was a common thing in the past. People ask for time randomly from strangers; he’ll either check and tell you or flash his watch at you. Then you both walk away. Today the first things that rings in his mind is ‘This guy is a scam’. And then follows that suspicious look. I can’t blame him, not even one bit.

Why I am saying all this? There is every reason not to be what you hope to be. All you can see around you is something to kill your ambition, evaporate your dreams and dilute your zeal. Don’t give in!

I do not know how you will do it, but I know you can. If you can stop focusing on the evil and start thinking of the good things around, you will begin to see possibilities. In his song Stay Young, Don Williams said, “All the best things in life are free.” In many ways I think he is right. Show gratitude for all the free things you’ve got, free air, free sun, free water, free sleep, free eyes, free… so much. If you are reading this, it means you have an internet enabled device. Have you thought of how much you can do with that? Maybe I should tell you I switched career from being a teacher to being a web developer just because I have access to the internet.

One thing that makes Nigeria a land of opportunities is the abundance of problems. There are many problems to be solved. If you can just solve one out of the very many, then you have struck ‘gold’. Foreigners are doing it. They come here and make millions from a country where it’s inhabitants are complaining. What do you think will make a white man leave his country and come and live in a country such as ours. It’s not his love for you. He is doing it for the sake of his bank account.

Think about this.

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