Day 3: My Bootcamp Experience So Far

It’s bootcamp day 3, and it already feels as if I’ve spent 3 weeks. Just like the previous days, there are tons of stuff to learn within a short period, after which you will apply whatever you learned by completing several assignments.

Today, all bootcampers were asked to create a Node command line app that consumes a public API, using an HTTP client library. I have never used an API, let alone create a console app that consumes one. But today, I learned how to create a command line app that consumes an API from (yes, I am a fan of Game of Thrones). The app fetches and displays some information about the characters in Game of Thrones. The source code is available here.

To run the app, clone the repository ( to your machine. Using the command line, navigate to the directory of the cloned repository, then type:

node src/gameOfThronesControl.js <characterId>

Replace <characterId> with a number. To display information about Jon Snow, for example, type this:

node src/gameOfThronesControl.js 583


Character: Jon Snow
Title: Lord Commander of the Night's Watch
Played By: Kit Harington


The first challenge I encountered was finding the right tutorials, articles, and videos that will explain how to create a console app. After about an hour, I found just the right videos on YouTube. I followed the video tutorials to the end, coding along with the instructor. At the end, I created my console app from scratch, and then pushed it to GitHub.

The second challenge was that by the time I finished researching, there was very little time left to create the app. But I managed to do it.

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow. Cheers!