Marketing app 2016 for Newbie

Marketing app 2016 for newbie Video is just 2 minute length. Watch it to know latest statistics and tips of app marketing in 2016.

Finding #1: Overall, App Usage is Most Popular at Night

Finding #2: Prime hours are different with different App Categories

  • Three categories that experience peak usage in the morning are News, Travel, and Weather apps.
  • Business, Finance and Music Apps Show Heavy Usage Throughout the Day.
  • Users Stay Up Late with Entertainment Apps

Finding #3: Overall Time in App is Increasing 11% from 2014 to 2015

Finding #4: iPhone apps have 78% more app launches than iPad Apps.

Finding #5: iPad apps have a 43% higher average session length than iPhone apps

Finding #6: Average Global App Retention Rates Decreased 5% to 34%

- User Retention in the U.S. Improved to 42%
- User Retention in China Dropped by 11%, to 18%
- Key lesson: Don’t by installs from China. Contact PTG Marketing to ensure that!

Super deal:
• Android
o Vietnamese: 0.1$/install
o Global: 0.2$/install
• iOS
o Vietnamese: 0.35$/install
o Global: 0.9$%/install
• Minimum to buy: 300 installs
• Buy more to get discount
• Contact

Finding #7: 58% Of App Users Churn Within the First 30 Days

Finding #8: 75% of Users Who Log Only One App Session in the First 30 Days Will Churn
- Key lesson 3x3 rule: Encourage users to have 3 sessions in the first 3 days to reduce churn rate to 30%

Finding #9: The Average Push Opt-In Rate is 49%

Finding #10: A User’s Likelihood to Opt-In Increases After Multiple Sessions

- Key lesson: Don’t ask for permission for push right after 1st launch. Ask when users feel engaged.

Finding #11: Push Notifications Improve User Retention to 65%

Finding #12: Apps That Use In-App Messaging Experience 27% More Launches Than Their Counterparts

Finding #13: In-App Messages Drive 3.5X Higher User Retention

- Lesson: It’s Time to Embrace In-App Messaging

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