How to install ZSH on your Mac

Tung Fam
Tung Fam
Aug 21, 2017 · 2 min read

This short tutorial is meant for the beginning developers who are learning what terminal is and how to use it in the process of apps development.
- scroll down to find “Step by step instructions” of ZSH installation.

Let’s start with the terminology. By default, Bash shell is used in your terminal. Shell named ZSH is an alternative shell for your terminal.

The shell is a command line interface you interact with. Examples of shells are BASH, CSH, and ZSH. The shell takes hand-typed commands and tells the operating system to execute them. Learn more about terminal, shells, and console here.

ZSH is a good option if you are a developer :) Since it’s powered with features like autocompletion, better UX, simple Git management and a lot more other features.

Step by step instructions on installing ZSH

  1. Open
    note: find it in your spotlight or search field of your finder.
  2. Install homebrew (package management software that simplifies the installation). To do that, copy the following command:

and paste it into your terminal and press the return key. Then it will ask you to type the password of your Mac’s user account. After typing the password, press the return key. Important note: don’t worry if you don’t see the entered password while typing, the terminal hides it for security reasons.

Then wait until you see the successful message about installation.

note: You’ll find homebrew useful for installing a lot of tools for development.

3. Install ZSH by running (copy > paste > press return key) this command in the terminal:

Wait till you see the success message.

4. Install Oh My Zsh on top of zsh to get additional functionality:

5. Switch your shell from Bash to ZSH by running:

6. Restart terminal by quitting it and turning it back on. You should see zsh word in the top bar of the terminal app:

7. You are done:) Enjoy!

Feel free to comment in case you run into an issue.

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Thanks to Thu Uyen NgVo

Tung Fam

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Tung Fam

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