I have greater wisdom than old men, because I obey your commands (Psalm 119:100, Today’s English Version)

Understanding is a vital key in learning. The human mind can receive unlimited amount of knowledge. Whether this knowledge would be useful or not depends largely on understanding.

Sometime ago, I heard the story of some men who were trying to push out a truck that got stuck under a bridge because of its height. They did everything they could but no headway was made. At the end, they concluded that part of the bridge had to be broken.

A young boy walked to the spot and looked at everything that was happening. He approached a policeman standing nearby and asked why it was taking the men so long to move the truck.

The policeman explained to him that the men have tried everything and that the only option left was for them to break part of the bridge.

The boy looked at the men again and asked why they did not deflate the tyres to create a little gap between the bridge and the top of the truck so that they can push it away. That innocent question eventually saved the bridge.

According to the Psalmist, it is possible to know more than the revered gurus in any profession. Are you planning to start a business, you can know more about it than those who have started it several decades before you. How? Simple obedience to God’s word.

The Holy Spirit is the best teacher one can ever have. He is ready to reveal to you that which still confounds wise men if you are ready to obey. Are you ready to obey Him today?