Why I Chose To Study Digital Marketing With Udacity

I’ve been out of university for two years. Since graduating with a degree in International Relations, I’ve tried out different roles- from volunteering with an educational charity, starting my blog and YouTube channel to working at an energy company. Some of these things I didn’t know I would do after graduating.

Although I went to work during the day, I would think of my blog or work on it during my free time. I wrote reviews on books sent to me by publishers on my blog. While writing the reviews, I would think of the role bloggers play in marketing books and generally other products or services.

My interest in marketing grew as I watched YouTubers talk about new products on their channels. I thought of the reasons a makeup brand may work with Patricia Bright to promote their new foundation or why Facebook showed targeted ads on my Facebook feed to reflect my interests.

I became more interested in marketing and began searching for jobs in this area. However, I needed to demonstrate that I had the required skills on job applications. I began to think of places where I could get the required experience. Going back to university to study marketing wasn’t an option for me because it would be too expensive for me.

An online course on marketing was the perfect option. I found a couple of online courses. But, I didn’t know if these courses were going to be helpful. My fiancé knew I was looking for a marketing course so he sent me a link to Udacity’s Digital Marketing Program. He studied the Introduction to Computer Science course on Udacity and he mentioned that Udacity was a great platform to learn from.

Although the Udacity course was more expensive than other courses that I found, I decided to go with it. The course costs $999 but there was an offer so I paid $699. The course involves gaining practical experience so you work on marketing projects. I didn’t think I would find this elsewhere. Plus, my fiancé had recommended learning with Udacity and I had not seen any reviews of the other courses so the Udacity course was the best option for me.

The course is created in partnership with Facebook, Hootsuite and other leading companies. I’m currently completing the Social Media Advertising lesson which was created with Facebook. Given that Udacity worked with industry leaders, I felt it would be good for me to learn directly from companies that designed the social media channels being used for marketing.

My experience so far on the course has been positive and I have developed greater knowledge on social media advertising and content marketing. The course is for three months and I’ve been on the course for nearly four weeks. The skills I develop on the course will be helpful in promoting my blog and in widening my career options.