Twitter Chat: Advice from a Newbie #101

Today was the first time I have ever participated in a Twitter Chat!

#HootChat was the selected chat I choose from thousands of others. The reasons why I chose Hootsuite was because it is one of the largest social media tool that any newcomer, like myself, can learn about social media. They offer tips, how to’s, and other insights for social media management. Since Hootsuite is a large platform, there were many who participated in the chat, and I was able to gain various insights and perspectives related to social media topics.

What to Expect:

Prior to this Twitter Chat, I had little-to-no twitter experience other than just posting original content. There are somethings that you should be expecting while participating in Twitter Chat, that I wish I had known. It will be hectic. Since the chat is public many people can engage into the chat, creating a huge mass comments flow. So be ready for your Twitter to freeze up for a little bit.

What you need to know:

  1. (#) Hashtag in every post!

In order to participate in the chat, you should include the hashtag of your chat in every post. For example, I participated in HootChat so at the end of every posts, I included #HootChat for people to see, like, reply, or re-tweet my post.

2. Know what A(#) and Q(#) means

In the Twitter Chat, they are most likely will asked you questions relating to that day’s or week’s topic. Q(#) means Questions number… While A(#) means Answer number … To better organize the chat, you should put “A” at the beginning of every post. For example:

HootSuite: Q1. Which is the best social network for social selling?

You: A1. Instagram, Facebook, etc. #HootChat

Recap to today’s chat and what I learned:

The topic was about social selling. Koka Sexton, a social seller, was the guest of honor for this chat. Hootsuite asked questions such as “emerging trends in social selling”, “advice for social selling”, “the difference between social selling and social marketing, “best social networks for social selling”, and more.

I learned that when it comes to social selling, it is best to be personable and that not everything is all about sales. It is more of getting the connection with your prospective customer and engage them to follow your brand in a personal manner and eventually increase leads and customer loyalty. If you lay the groundwork of trust, customers will come to you automatically. Basically, don’t chase after the customers, and just be true to your brand.

Also, social selling is just like any other sales, you need to do work. You can’t expect people to start liking or knowing of you if you didn’t do anything to impress the customers. There are many businesses out there and you need to be that one business that stands out from the rest of the crowd. If you’re a small business, all you can do is practice and practice. Like the old saying, “Practice Makes Perfect”. This is all about trial-and-error.

Try it!

If you are new to Twitter, you should try out Twitter Chat at least once! I promise I am not their brand ambassador or anything, but I could guarantee you that this will be one of the best experiences on Twitter. I have never had any social media account other than Facebook in the past. This is all thanks to my social media management class. Like I said it was hectic, but it will be rewarding in the end.

P.S. Please feel free to comment if I missed anything in “What You Need to Know” section, as I am still learning this new platform!