Acer’s 21-inch curved screen 17.6lbs: An insane laptop

On the same day that they revealed a 2.5-pound Ultrabook measuring just 0.39 inches thick, Acer also showed off another model that weighed 17.6 pounds and probably eats Ultrabooks to power itself.

Predator is made for gaming and suitable for high resolution game. You can read the game review to choose suitable game.

This mammoth new machine is the Predator 21X, with the 21 referring to the diagonal measurement of its curved IPS display, and the X referring to the extra everything that Acer decided to cram inside its cavernous shell. Seriously, the hardware in this thing is absolutely insane. As insane as the $5,000 price tag Acer plans to slap on it.

Let’s start with the normal stuff. It’s powered by an Intel Kaby Lake processor and has 802.11ac+ WiFi, gigabit Ethernet, and several USB ports (two type-a and “at least” one type-c). The rest of the Predator 21X’s components aren’t exactly typical laptop fare.

Predator 21X: behind

Even though this thing is brimming with USB ports, you won’t need to worry

The keyboard, for example, is mechanical and uses Cherry MX switches. The Predator 21X’s numeric keypad isn’t mechanical, but it does do backflips: you can turn it over if you need a gigantic touchpad to mouse around with. It also has dual GPUs — Nvidia GTX1080s, to be specific. Sound is pumped — nay, pounded — out through four speakers and two subwoofers. Its webcam? It supports eye-tracking, so you can glare at targets in some games to lock in headshots.

Acer’s laptop 17.6lbs

The swirling blue pattern here is actually the souls of Acer’s design team which are doomed to an eternity of servitude to the Predator 21X.

Even though this thing is brimming with USB ports, you won’t need to worry about external storage. You can just keep popping drives into another one of the laptop’s five internal bays until you’re satisfied with the total number of terabytes.

Want to hook up an external monitor? Not a problem. In fact, why not hook up three? The Predator 21X has two DisplayPort and one HDMI output options, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling limited by its single, puny 21-inch screen.

With this kind of hardware, the Predator 21X can’t be powered by an ordinary laptop brick. No, it takes a pair of AC adapters to supply enough juice to keep it running. We’ll assume you can just plug them into an ordinary wall outlet, but who knows? You might have to get an electrician to come wire in something that’s more like an EV charger. More new free games are released.

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