How media affect to Chinese stereotype

There are many people and country around the world. Each people and country will have different stereotype, but the question is what is this or that stereotype come from? According to many research from many people show different kind of people. In one country might have many stereotype depends on what behavior that people in the country do. For example the stereotype of Muslim, many people in Muslim will wear hijab on their head. So we can know immediately those guys are Muslim. However there are many group of people and countries which very similar. For example European, many country in Europe have very similar appearances such as their face, eyes, skin,… So how can we know where are they from? The answer is even if their appearances are similar but we can see from their outlook, manner, or attitude.

This is the second blog of my life and it will talk about how can media change people perspective about the stereotype of Chinese…

Firstly, I would like to say the stereotype of Chinese food but actually it is not only about food but also restaurant. We can see all around the world have a lot of Chinese food. Many people might come up with the question, how can we know it is Chinese food? The answer is we do not know but we can see from the name of restaurant or area that the restaurant located. Many country will have China town and of course almost all of the restaurant around that area is Chinese restaurant and Chinese food. But if the restaurant that not located in China town, how can we know? For my personal, I will looking to the name of the restaurant. For example Panda express, the reason why I think this is Chinese restaurant because Panda is the symbol animal of China. Furthermore according to the research show that, Chinese people eat anything and everywhere. So when people saw strange food such as Dogs or other pets, they will immediately thinking of Chinese foods!

Secondly, it is about the stereotype of living place of Chinese. Many people might have the question in their mind why having China town in almost every countries? The answer from research is Certain Chinese populations, mostly in South China, had a pattern of overseas migrations, and of remaining a coherent community in the new lands. This easily fed into the later pattern of European Empires, where Chinese were mostly found useful. So Chinese area or many people well-known as China town will have similar stereotype. The picture below is China town from some countries around the world.

China town in Bangkok, Thailand
China town in London, United Kingdom
China town in Fukuoka, Japan

We can see from these pictures that China town will have the same pattern which having Red colour. Moreover in almost every China town around the world will have their own symbol which is the door which similar to Tian’anmen where is the most important place from Chinese people. This is distinct from the more recent pattern of people from all over China seeking opportunities in the wider world. Most of these are Mandarin-speakers, whereas the older wave spoke various South Chinese dialects, most notably Cantonese.

Lastly I would like to talk about some behavior when people see other, many of them will sure that is Chinese. Before talking about Chinese behavior, I would like to show some video to show bad behavior of Chinese first…

This is the situation that happened in one of hotel in Thailand. It is the situation that there are many Chinese people trying to get prawn from the buffet line.
This is the happened when one Thai girl stand in the queue and waiting to do the tax refund, there are many Chinese people coming to do the tax refund but not stand in the queue.

First times when many people see the video, they suddenly think that those people are Chinese. Why…? Because there are not only first time that these situation happened in the world. It also has many situation such as one Chinese guy peeing in the public. So as from many media or news show bad behavior of Chinese it is not wonder why when people see the video, they realize this is Chinese. It is not only these kind of behavior but also about Chinese driving or speaking manner.

Besides, The comment from user in youtube below is also the evidence that this kind of behavior is the stereotype that other people believe those people are Chinese once they have seen those people.

These are a few comment of people about Chinese behavior. So this is the stereotype which other people know from both news or media that happened all around the world. What I think is it can show very clearly that media have a lot of affect to stereotype of people.

In conclusion I just would like to let every people know one thing that my purpose of the blog is not to make other people look bad to China or Chinese, but I just want to talk about the example stereotype that we can see easily in the world which is Chinese. Hence there are many stereotype of type of people around the world. Each country each people will have their own stereotype. However I would like to said that nowadays the media is grown up very worldwide, please be careful on what you did and realize that you are representative of your country to show what your country do or what your country be to the world!

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