Media disruption x Exercise #1

This blog talking about media disruption in terms of EXERCISE. First of all I would like to talk about the past era of media. In the past technology not become to our life as much as it happened currently. Many people’s role model is their family, parent, or only someone they know. But in the present, technology come to our world and it is going to be an important part of our life. For example in terms of business, we can use technology to making business. Technology has a lot of power to our life such as SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media is the thing which we consume the most. It can be anything to us in both useful or useless way. For example mine meaning of useless way is it is the thing that make us relax when we have some stress. For the useful way, it can help us to make money such as advertisement.

So if talking about how it is related to exercise. I have to talk about the influence which make I got this topic. As I said social media have a lot of effect to us. So I think when people see celebrity in the media and they like them, people will do something follow them. Nowadays celebrity has a lot of power to influence people to do anything. We can see from social media or poster that, every many celebrity sell the product on their platform. So it makes people who follow them believed on their caption and buy the product because of them.

What I would like to talk is nowadays we consume a lot of social media. Moreover according to what I said that celebrity is one of influence tools to make people do anything like them. So we can see from many platform of celebrity on social media that many celebrity exercise and trying to do anything to have a healthy life. Whether they are famous or not, they do everything to make their life better or maintain their health and body to be fit as always. For me when I play my instagram and I look through on my news feeds, I will see many celebrity take the picture of their body or video of their exercise. For example two actors which I think they are very popular in terms of exercise in the present which is Mr.Petjah and Mr.Atichart.

IG: djpetjah
IG: atichart9

I would like to call Mr.Petjah and Mr.Atichart that exercise addict. If we see in their instagram platform, we will see a lot of exercise video or the picture which they show their body. So it will make people would like to have the body as them. Besides I believe that many people such as me are the one who watch their exercise video to do exercise myself. So I think it is become very popular trend for every people to trying to exercise to have the body or healthy health like them. So I think exercise is become a lot of famous trend because of media. So according to many people follow this exercise trend, Mr.Petjah use this trend to have the benefit for his self. He created WHEY WWL which is the product which help people who exercise to have muscle easier.

Moreover we can see from many advertisement or poster of the product which producer use famous people to be their presenter to their product. For example NIKE brand use many famous soccer player to be the presenter to present in soccer shoes advertisement poster. It will make people who like those soccer player attract to the product of the brand. Furthermore in some books such as Men health which is the book which talking about how to be healthy person also use celebrity such as David Beckham who can be the role model which make exercise to be a trend to the society.

In conclusion everything which I said, I would like to show that nowadays media have a lot powerful to the society. It can be everything to us if compare to the past, it can shaped to be what producer want us to be. Because has very less people who interest in the society trend such as exercise because we cannot consume anything. But nowadays media has a lot of power as I said, so we can consume and know what is currently trend in the society. Lastly I would like to say that not only exercise which media disruption and make it being a trend, but in the society there are many trend such as foods or career which can be a famous trend in the society.