Media manipulated us

As every people know media have a lot of impact to society in both positive and negative sides. In one kind of media might have both positive and negative side in itself. In this blog will talk about negative side of the media in Thailand. I will show some example case of negative side of media in Thailand. Firstly start with the case of conflict between red group and yellow group shirt. How can media show negative about this? The answer is because each group has its own channel on TV. In each channel will show only positive aspect of itself. So people who consume these channel will get only one side of the truth.

ASTV channel (Yellow shirt channel)
VOICE chennel (Red shirt channel)

The video above show the way in which each channel present to every people. We can see from these clips show or talk only about positive way of its group. So people who consume these channel will get only positive side of the group and they will believe that the group which they consume is good. On the other hand, the video clip below show another side of the truth which they do not show on their channel because it might make people who believe in their group change their opinion.

Yellow shirt group protest by closing the Suvarnabhumi airport
Red shirt group burnt Bangkok

Next example case is about the advertisement of some product. As every people know that every product will show only positive way of its on the advertisement.

Snailwhite advertisement
Snailwhite advertisement

We can see from the video which I choose to be the example. Both of video show only positive side of the product. They do not talk about any negative side of the product. So people who consume these advertisement will get to know only positive side of it. Thus people who do not find a lot of information will consume these product and believe that it has only positive side. For me I think they should also tell the effect of this product to make customer aware of it before decide to use the product.

Last example which I would like to show is about advertisement of the restaurant.

Shabushi advertisement

This is the advertisement video of Shabushi restaurant. If we see only from this advertisement, we will believe that this restaurant is very attractive. We see from this advertisement we will do not know any negative side of this restaurant. However the picture and video clip below show some of the truth of this restaurant which owner never show to the customer.

Customer found warm in Shabushi restaurant
Some effect when Shabushi increase the price of buffet

In conclusion, I would like to tell every people again that I do not have anything with these brand. But I just want to show to reader about how media manipulate us and I just want to raise awareness before consume any product, they should find information about both positive and negative side clearly.

Hope you guys enjoy THANKYOU!