Are you being serious right now?

As a fellow game developer, there’s a hard disconnect between how we perceive the games that we make/play and how the average gamer perceives them. You and I both know that what goes on isn’t real no matter how close to reality it is, but we’re also in positions of privilege here.

VR is an entirely different beast from normal experiences, the connection between the real world and the virtual one is closer than ever before. With that connection, comes some very real changes in mental and emotional state, the visual and audio information is being sent at a much more intimate level and level of vulnerability. A vulnerability that, if exploited, will affect someone for the rest of their life.

We tend to forget that people are on the other end up of an avatar, and as the interactions in virtual space become more real perceptually, they will need to be treated as if they are real in the physical world.

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