After a day of 10 talks from experts on serverless technologies drawing from real-world experience, here’s what I picked up.

Ok, so just to show this blog isn’t dead despite having an unfinished draft of a sequel to my (already ancient) Go & SAM post hanging around for a year I thought I’d share central themes from the ServerlessDays Stockholm conference I just attended. The event was rather small which created a cozy experience but the speakers and organization were excellent. Thanks to the organizers, speakers and sponsors — I’d be happy to attend again!

I won’t be summarizing all of the talks, but you can check out the event website for the agenda. Hopefully some slides or recordings will…

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Picture of SAM stolen from here, Go Gopher by Renee French

It’s been almost a year since support for the Go programming language in AWS Lambda was announced at re:Invent 2017. Meanwhile the Serverless hype train has gained full steam, FaaS offerings of all major cloud providers have reached a respectable level of maturity and an increasing amount of teams are building applications based on the model while figuring out how to best manage software consisting of a set of managed cloud resources and individually deployable functions. This post is a quick look at one of the approaches: The AWS Serverless Application Model. …

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