DaaM — DevOps as a Mindset

Most people think DevOps is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction, but I have seen the face of DevOps and I can tell you they are wrong. DevOps is an ocean in a storm.”

Yes, that was a quote from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Why did I choose this quote? Easy. Because it’s real. DevOps is a ocean in a storm. How many times you got lost in all of those DevOps names and stuff? Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Service Mesh, Deployment Pipeline, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, PaaS etc etc…

The truth that…

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Ok, you made an Angular app and you want to dockerize it painless. Join the dark side…

First of all, don’t be scared, it’s not as hard as it could seem (maybe).

I will use a project in which I collaborated on GitHub to explain how you can dockerize you Angular app without too many issues. It’s simple once you understand the logic. Trust me, I’m an engineer!

Let’s take a look at the original project. It’s called Open home, and of course, you can see the full project here on GitHub (did I say that I love open source?).

Now that you can see the source, let’s talk about this app.

We will use the openhome-panel…

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A little consideration about the open-source community.

Guys, we’re in 2018. Nowadays, most of the technologies we use in our production environments are open source software, let’s face it.

Yeah, open source! Did someone call Stallman yet?

But this won’t be an article about freedom, transparency and non-profit software. We’re not gonna talk about Arch, Micro$oft, or any Linux master race user common topic. We’re gonna talk about community, team working and about achieving a result, together.

As I said before, most of the current technologies are open source. This means you can view the source code to study, understand and perhaps contribute to it. What a…

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