the desi male
Is one of a kind
He’s raised to think
males are sublime.

From an early age
He’s given too much freedom
Meanwhile his sisters
Are stuck in the kitchen.

As a young child
He very quickly learns
Women are subservient
They listen, obey and serve.

As he grows up
He’s fed his male privilege
To others his existence
Certifies their lineage.

Now a young teen
He gave up long ago
For even in failure
He has the XY chromosome.

Now a young man
His education is untenable
Whilst his sisters
Are qualified professionals.

Still he roams free
His sisters tied by custom
Their success in life
Won’t change this system.

Time to get married
His wife had a career
Now her life’s purpose
Is to sire the next heir.

Now a grown man
He raises some children
He passes on these lessons
To this next generation.

Finally an old man
Struck with sickness
Filled with much regret
His granddaughter, the next victim.