Edhi Sb Reading

Abdul Sitar Edhi, a well-known humanitarianism all around the world, spent his whole life from childhood to till now for the service of humanity. His life is full of examples he made for the service of man-kind. According to Edhi Sahib, he was given 2 paisa daily, one for himself and one for needy and every-day, when he came home, her mother acquired of how he spent that 1 paisa. According to him, this habit to share and search for needy people became a pastime for him and sharpened his instincts and enabled him to differentiate between needy and lazy. This helped him a lot in future and acted as foundation of his humanitarianism.

Edhi Sahib says that his mother was very simple woman and developed habits of man-kind in him and also believed in the dignity of labor. His mother says “it is charity only when your left hand doesn’t know what the right has given. When respect of receiver is foremost”. This was the reason that whenever he found handicapped and destitute person, he ran to home for supplier and help them with not only food but also with money. His mother than used to say, “These people are innocent like babies and don’t know about the world they have to live as adult.” This led to the foundation of old-homes for the people who are in mentally severe condition and people who have no one to be served. He built shelter for women too to whom attitude of society is non-human. He never said NO to anyone need help or shelter.

His mother also developed habit of saving money. As this result, when he worked on shop and also sold pencils in streets, he saved money and used it to buy shares in a company and also bought a small ambulance for the needy people and to provide quick service to hospital.

His living was so simple and their family attitude towards these material things was meaningless. That is why there was no effect of changing tradition of building big houses and expensive furniture on his family. He said that we were neither aware of discomfort nor dishonor in simple living and had many few possessions. It is due to his brought-up in such environment that now he has so much money but still he has not built any house. He lives simply and dresses simply and don’t feel hesitation in living simply.

Once in age of 12, he saved a man, wounded and shriving. He gave him food and his cotton matrass and blanket and served for 21 days. That man taught him true meanings of charity and presence of GOD in humanitarianism. This made him think what his purpose to come in this world is. This rose spirit of serving man-kind in him.

I hate failure and knew that success was synonymous with efforts, by which rule I believed I could win…

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