You never know…

Once I have heard about an organization named as MINDBRIDGE and it sounds interesting to me. I searched about it and latterly I found that this is the organization where I can prove my communication skills and all the business writing skills. I spent almost one week and kept on searching about this company. I also used my networking skills and finally I found one person who is already working there. He informed me that the walk-in interviews have started and you should hit this opportunity.

I customized my Resume and Cover Letter according to the job description a day before. There was no online application process on their website so I just called them and asked about the procedure about dropping the Resume in their organization.

Nobody knew that the person who is just going to drop his Resume in that organization will be availing the opportunity to meet the HR Manager. And the amazing part is that HR manager gave him a chance to appear for the recruitment test.

I made my mind to go there and they allowed me to appear for the recruitment test. The moment I reached there, a person came and said “Are you here for the job?” Yes! I responded. “Fortunately the HR Manager is free, please! Come in”.

Having a couple of things in mind, the things which I am learning over here in Amal Academy and I used these skills and techniques there. I took a deep breath, grabbed my Resume, revised my elevator pitch and went in. That was the first time I was feeling really confident.

After the interview they asked me to appear for the personality test which I also did great. After waiting for half an hour they sent me a person and asked me to go to Program Manager’s Office for the final Interview. I was really shocked and happy from inside. In a nut shell, everything went very smooth and easy. They said that they have found a very talented person in me who can be very helpful in their Email Process Unit.

The happiest moment was when they said that they are really impressed by my results and will notify my within the week.

If we talk about the takeaways from this, the first and foremost takeaway is JUSTSTART. I would never get this experience if I tried for it. Once I get the opportunity I took a detail analysis on the company’s profile and get information about their running projects. I customized my Resume and Cover Letter according to the Job Description. I equipped myself very well so that there will be no flaw remained. That is the experience which I’ll never forget in my life and if I will get good news within a week, it be the most memorable moment of my life.

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