Gender Bias Continues to Plague the Left — the Most Skilled, Qualified, Experienced, and Proven Leader in the U.S. House, is Female.

In Obama’s remarks before signing the (ACA)bill into law, he specifically credited Pelosi as being “one of the best Speakers the House of Representatives has ever had.”

Nancy Pelosi is under fire for the recent Democratic loss in the Georgia District 6 special election. Once again, the GOP has masterfully dictated to some on the left who they should blame for election losses.

This sets up the failed reasoning by those on the left and it goes like this: If the Right Wing hates Nancy Pelosi, then in order to win elections we must remove her as an object of the Right Wing hatred.

The same outcry was not heard when the Right used Senator Harry Reid as a target for campaign rhetoric.

Here is the trick, however: Nancy Pelosi has little to do with how voters in Red gerrymandered districts think or feel. Changing the name plate on the door does not bring change in outcomes unless the voters who put that name on the door have also changed.

The cry to “bring in new blood”, “it’s time for change” is not logical considering the GOP strategy is for the Left to boot the most valuable weapon the Democratic Party has in the U.S. House.

But she is female.

Until the Americans, generally, can overcome their bias toward women in power, and this includes the Left’s fear of females, the cry for equity and equality seems silly.

It never occurs to Left they can defend Pelosi, challenge the lies, fiction, and fantasy the Right Wings holds…rather, they retreat into the safe haven of blame. This makes the GOP strategy repeatedly successful and will continue into the future unless the voter grows some courage and insight.

But then, the far Left has been the GOP’s best and most predictable tool in their war chest.

This strategy is not new for the GOP — they pick a person on the left to be the straw man for all things wrong with the Democratic Party — Teddy Kennedy, Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the list goes on. Without any evidence based reasoning, the right wing will create fictional horror stories about their strategic targets and use the name in campaigns as a bell ringing call to dinner.

But those being called to dinner are not just those on the Right, some on the Left predictably knee jerk, delivering smiles and laughs to the GOP strategists.

New strategy?? Democratic politicians to stand and embrace Nancy Pelosi as a strong leader, liberal, and explain to haters why they are proud to be compared to Pelosi.

Those who claim Pelosi is as toxic as Trump relative to voters and campaigns, are saying she is equal to the criminal, narcissistic, dangerous person who now occupies our White House.

Let’s review who Nancy Pelosi is: the highest ranking Female leader in the history of the U.S. Congress. She has earned her stripes and her power position by being the most strategic House leader the U.S. has ever had. She is also the most liberal. This should make the Left feel comfortable with her, but there are now some who insist inexperienced and younger people will have an increased opportunity to lead the Democratic Party’s enlistment of winners.

We are in a world where U.S. politics have become overtly unethical, immoral, and dangerous. Yet, standing firmly on consistently liberal and personal beliefs, Nancy Pelosi has led the House members through quagmires of GOP created tricks. This is not a time for inexperience, it is a time for the most seasoned operators.

There is nothing wrong with the Democratic Party messaging regarding economics — she and recently Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign, consistently pushed the message of job wages, bottom up economic growth, building the middle class and progressive tax policies.

It seems the far Left has a belief of using Populism as a counter strategy to the far Right’s alt right, and Trump’s populist messaging. There is no time in history in this country or elsewhere where populism was a successful political strategy.

Winning is not always the best outcome if the means getting there are malevolent.

The fact is, Americans are changing, they are losing touch with reality, and the only remedy for this is a strategic approach of linguistic programming. The Right Wing may never return to reality, however, the far Left is rapidly joining them in their rigid push for purity in ideology.

Georgia 6th would not have been a Democratic Party win had the race been waged with a more liberal candidate, quite the opposite. Anyone who suggests this, is not seeing the reality of the voter, but rather, is living in the bubble of their own failed ideology.