• Nikita Voloboev

    Nikita Voloboev

    Make Learn Anything and share things I know https://nikitavoloboev.xyz

  • Alexander Lill

    Alexander Lill

  • Motius


    Motius is an R&D company specialized in emerging technologies. Check out our publication: https://medium.com/motius-de

  • Robin Dehde

    Robin Dehde

  • Reza Roustaei

    Reza Roustaei

  • Nikolay Dimolarov

    Nikolay Dimolarov

    I solve problems with software. I am a PM specialized in building platforms, cloud computing and big data. https://www.dimolarov.com/

  • Mani Teja Goud

    Mani Teja Goud

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