Differentiable functions
Differentiable functions

I didn’t actually study Computer Science. I studied Aerospace Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering School of my university. In this field, a large amount of my life was consumed by differential equations. I learned about 12 million different methods to solve specific classes of differential equations, none of which I ever encountered in the real world, where they are mostly solved numerically instead of analytically.
Although studying all these methods for exams caused a lot of sleepless nights and I never really got good at it, I always loved differential equations.

A differential equation can describe a complex system in a single line of simple math. The solution derived from this equation can predict the exact state of it at any time, past and future. Just one line, but it contains all the information you need. …

Google and Apple logo image
Google and Apple logo image
Source: SEL.

A couple of weeks ago, we read some rumors about Apple’s plans to use their own chips in Macs. Just some weeks prior to that, there were similar rumors about Google working on their own processors for phones and laptops.

For many years, Apple really has been taking Alan Kay’s quote to heart and with this strategy, they started dominating innovation in the computer industry.

Why other companies could not keep up with Apple

Apple’s A-series processors in iPhones are wiping the floor with the Qualcomm processors used in Android phones ever since the 64-bit transition.

But it is not just with the iPhone that they are leading the pack, they also dominate with their laptops. …

At the beginning of this year, Nikkei Business Publications tore down a Tesla Model 3. They showed the electronics from that car to some engineers from Japanese automakers. Their conclusion: Tesla’s electronics are six years ahead of the rest of the industry.

Six years is also how long it takes an automaker to develop a new model.

A teardown of the Tesla Model 3
A teardown of the Tesla Model 3
A teardown of the Tesla Model 3. Source: Nikkei.

The problems of innovation in the established way

The established car manufacturers are very proud of their supply chain: they have contracts with thousands of suppliers, building all the subsystems which make up a car. What is a key goal of the car makers in this supply chain management? …

Motius workshop
Motius workshop

In every-day life, no one cares about Embedded Systems or how they work. People mostly don’t even realize they are there, so why would they worry?

My name is Sebastian and I am part of the Embedded Systems Tech Hub at Motius. In this blog post, I want to talk about what Embedded Systems are, how to prototype them and why it’s actually a good sign if you don’t have to care about them.

Embedded Systems do what Embedded Systems do

When we are asked what an embedded system actually is, we have a standard answer: It’s a computer no one cares about.

Why? Well, Embedded Systems are supposed to constantly work. They do what they are designed to do — day in, day out. …

Sebastian Plamauer

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