Thank you for so intelligently stating exactly what I’ve been thinking!
Elaine T

I once worked a job where I had to know how to handle classified information. I wasn’t ever supposed to come into contact with classified information, but we were expected to know what to do with it if we did come into contact with it. We were tested yearly on how to identify it, what to do with it, etc. Forwarding it to a personal server in your basement wasn’t among the available options.

I just read an article from a former intelligence officer who said explicitly if this was anyone else, a number of people would be in jail right now. He explained how things work as I understand them.

It’s not just a matter of how this information is marked. There are physically separate networks for this information. If you deal with classified information, you need a separate computer on a separate network for your classified business. No machine is supposed to be allowed on both networks just to make sure it can’t cross over by accident. There are indicators on the screen as well as the physical computer to let you know which network you’re on.

If data moved from one network to the other, someone committed a crime.

I once asked why our email boxes were so small. I was told the resource requirements for backing up the email were quite large because of all the archiving rules. Hillary didn’t need to worry about any of that. She just chose what was “personal” and wiped it.

I know it’s unpopular on here to say things against Hillary because everyone is convinced how bad Trump is, and he worries me too, but I just think people should know this issue is NOT overblown. It’s entirely possible foreign agencies had regular access to that server and learned the identities of our intelligence officers, our plans, etc.

The special treatment of all of these people is astounding. I just saw multiple reports that, for one, they just asked Huma Abedin to volunteer all the information she had; they obviously didn’t get a warrant and take the computers. She obviously lied about having retained the information. They apparently just gave Anthony Weiner a subpoena asking him to give up the computer rather than getting a search warrant and seizing it like they would have done to anyone else in a case involving sexual conduct with children.

How did it read? Mr. Weiner, would you please, after you remove any evidence of sending naked pics of yourself to children, could you, at your convenience send your computer so we can look for the evidence you removed?

Personally, I want a special prosecutor, not to investigate Hillary, but to investigate all the special treatment that’s been going on in the Justice Department and the FBI.

People are complaining about Comey having made the decision about the charges. This happened because the Attorney General had to recuse herself for having a meeting with the husband of the potentially accused a couple days earlier. She couldn’t figure out that was a massive conflict of interest and maybe she didn’t need to talk about the grandkids with Bill?

It seriously blows my mind. I haven’t been cheer leading for Trump, but I get tired of watching people defend all of this with a straight face. It feels like double think in 1984. I’m like, you can’t seriously believe this?

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