A tax on people who can’t do maths.
Jeff Dickey

I read that you were discussing Glenn Beck in another post. So, I’d guess you’re familiar with the Overton Window. Hillary was the pick all along. Trump is just the “look at how bad it could be” option. I don’t see any reason to play along anymore.

I used to feel radical saying I don’t feel represented, but it actually puts me in a massive majority.

I think you’re right that people may end up giving up and looking for other options. I, for one, am tired of holding my nose and going for the least worst option by design.

My intention to vote 3rd party surely isn’t confidence in the candidate, who I think is an idiot. It’s to maybe start building a confidence that a 3rd party can become mainstream one day. Picking the least worst option continues the status quo.

My values do not align with Hillary any more than they do with Trump. I know she’s never been convicted of anything, but her constant proximity to everything wrong with this government is enough to keep me from feeling able to vote for her either.

I do agree with you on paying for representation. That the Direct Marketing Association has managed to keep telemarketing opt out is enough evidence of that. I mean, how many of us want to be interrupted by cold calls at dinner time? If they were working in our interest, this among other things wouldn’t even be a question.

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