Suggestions, anyone?
Kerry Kuhn

I wish I knew. I put myself in a bit of a financial pickle supporting my mother through getting an accounting degree with her graduation date, 1.5 years ago, on my calendar thinking that’s when I’ll pull myself ahead. We partly picked accounting because we read that it was in high demand. She was in the accounting honors society. She’s never gotten a call for an interview.

I learned myself during my last job hunt what high demand looked like. Our field of course puts out that line that there’s nobody out there qualified for the ultra high tech innovative blah blah CRUDDing databases with whatever library is the current fad environment. Read that young, cheap, and willing to work 80 hour weeks. I was told by a number of companies that they were sorting through hundreds of applicants.

So, I’d say maybe see if it appears there’s advancement at the end but give personal fulfillment a good bit of weight too.

I wish I was more optimistic for the future. It seems everyone I know feels as though things are a struggle and they’re always worried for the worst. The politics aren’t helping.

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