I can see why they like what he is saying.

This is just my opinion of course, but I think they want to be him. They want to be brash and powerful, and he makes them feel powerful. The others don’t express their desire to be brash and powerful.

And he’s giving them a concrete enemy. This is always important. Our country would be great if these illegals would quit coming over the border and we quit letting foreign countries step on us.

I think it’s the message, not the person delivering it. They long for a time when things were better for them, and he’s telling them he can bring it back.

Personally, I think if he had some tact and thought things through before speaking, he probably could have had nearly the same platform without having to come off as a racist bigot.

He’s pivoted already if you listen to him. Extreme vetting vs. religious test, for example.

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