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When you change the physical or electronic mail address it is quite complicated to inform everybody about it at one moment. In that case you will probably need the forward envelope service. ENVELOPE CONNECTION INC provides forwarding your envelopes directly to your actual mail address.

This type of service is necessary for people who need to get corresponding from different instance. No matter where are you actually living. You can add any proved address instead of your old one without informing every sender about the changes.

In order to use the forward envelope service provider sends the letters or any other correspondence by the first class. The envelopes should contain the following statement placed in one of four positins:

- Directly below the return address

- Directly above the delivery address area

- Directly to the left of the postage area and below any rate marking

- Directly below the postage area and below any rate marking

When the recipient changes the physical address all the correspondence may be returned to the senders or regional post office. If you do not want to look for your envelopes, just try forward envelope service. It will help you to organize your life without worrying up about your correspondence.

If you have ever tried using forward options at your e-mails, you can notice that the final version of the letter contain all the information about the sender and the person who forwarded it. Forward envelope service actually based on that technology. But not only online. It means you will be able to receive letters, important notifications and all the necessary correspondence without worrying about your householders or returning your mail to the sender.

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