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The Rise of Nowhere Man

I originally wanted to write a Go vs. Rust vs. Python piece, shouted-out about it on Linkedin — But then saw in comments — and rightfully so — that there was already some prose dealing about it on the internets. I thought as I was going to focus on the “Systems” Programming abilities of these languages, my post was relevant. But then I realized I had a fresher, more personal, and presumably more vibrant story to share with the world.

I am what we can modestly qualify as an “architect” (not the J2EE kind) in the IT world. I don’t mean the previous statement to be a testimony of any merit of any type, just spelled out the closest corporate job title by which the engineer that has to make it all work together goes by. It is no honor badge; it’s a nightmare-ish situation. But a quite enjoyable one, as long as you consider yourself a free, always willing to learn individual. …



Son of the nineties, software artist, cool dad, aspiring kenshi and wannabe jazz guitarist, lost cook, book author.