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$GYA.V should be on your radar if you invest in #juniormining stocks!

The world of junior mining is full of high potential plays so it takes effort and research to uncover the best of breed opportunities that should be in your portfolio. We think Guyana Goldstrike Inc. is one such opportunity and we think our readers should start their due diligence on this mining company — today! GYA.V is operating in Guyana — which is a country with numerous gold mining success stories that have paid off with big returns for TSX and TSXv investors.

Management of GYA.V is laser-focused and they are very quick to communicate results to their shareholder base. A quick Google will give you the latest press releases from the company. You will notice that the news flow is consistent. This is phenomenal for GYA.V longs and it gives us reason to believe that this policy will continue. The news is fuel for interest in GYA.V. The more news we get — the more interest.

GYA.V could move if it crosses .22 on news and volume

Inflation is lurking around the corner and the USD could come under pressure from geopolitical uncertainty. Brexit, Trump, and Russia could all be fuel for the continued upward pressure on gold. Buying a junior like GYA.V is a way to get your foot in the game when it comes to a high potential gold play. The junior mining gold sector is coming alive and 2019–2020 could be a bull market for junior mining plays so this might be a solid entry point for GYA.V longs. They are best of breed when it comes to junior mining plays — so don’t miss this opportunity and start your due diligence today.


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