⚡️ Features include:
- Effectively stake your TTF with great APYs
- Simpler to stake, claim and unlock than most other UIs
- Earnings claimable after only 24 hours of staking — instantly credited to your wallet!
- See your token earnings update in real time
- Easy to stake with on UI on any device. Visit our Telegram for more information.

$TurboTrix is now available on Coinpaprika. Coinpaprika is similar to Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. Our price feed data link on Coinpaprika: https://coinpaprika.com/coin/ttf-turbotrix-finance/

Trade TurboTrix on Bilaxy, Probit, Pancakeswap and DodoEx. More bigger lisings soon.



✅ Benefits include:
- Highly responsive
- Interactive
- User friendly
- Strong array of colours and features

⚡ Features include:
- View your individual and total balance breakdowns on a granular level
- Token graphs
- Purchase our rare NFTs
- Exchange tokens seamlessly
- Staking our TTF tokens to earn great yields
- In-depth analysis of popular coins on CoinMarketCap to keep up to date

Coming soon!

Yours truly,

Team TurboTrix! 🐶

$TTF apologizes for the recent Ddos attack on our old domain server. We have completely changed our domain from the old http://turbotrix.finance to this new domain http://turbotrixfinance.com We are updating our links on CMC, Gecko, Medium, Twitter soon. #KUCOIN #huobiglobal

Another great day to announce TTF trading competition on Probit Exchange one of the worlds largest crypto trading platform. A swooping 900,000 TTF tokens to be won.

1st 55,800 TTF, 2nd 54,675 TTF, 3rd 53,550 TTF, 4th 52,425 TTF, 5th 51,300 TTF, 6th 50,175 TTF, 7th 49,050 TTF, 8th 47,925 TTF, 9th 46,800 TTF, 10th 45,675 TTF, 11th 44,550 TTF, 12th 43,425 TTF, 13th 42,300 TTF, 14th 41,175 TTF, 15th 40,050 TTF, 16th 38,925 TTF, 17th 37,800 TTF, 18th 36,675 TTF, 19th 35,550 TTF, 20th 32,175 TTF

Start 2021–07–12 07:00 (GMT+0)

End 2021–07–26 14:00 (GMT+0)

For event partnership details, please visit https://www.probit.com/en-us/competition/202107TTF

Hello TurboTrix Community!

We are happy to announce our STAKING and LIQUIDITY MINING/FARMING now LIVE on Tosdis Platform. …

$TurboTrix is now listed on Binance Trust Wallet. We are also listed on Math Wallet and SafePal Wallet.

Search for TTF or paste contract address 0xa898df02906d40ec81900b3a5ba36ea20d09b7cc

Diamond Hands #BinanceSmartChain #TrustWallet #pancakeswap Funds are SAFU

🔥TurboTrix is now LIVE on DODOex.io Also on Bilaxy, Probit and PancakeSwap. link: https://app.dodoex.io/exchange/TTF-BNB?network=bsc-mainnet Contract: 0xa898df02906d40ec81900b3a5ba36ea20d09b7cc #PancakeSwap #Binance #BinanceSmartChain #Bitcoin @BreederDodo @Hotbit_news 💎Diamond Hands👋

Trade $TurboTrix on #PancakeSwap Now. We are listed on Probit and Bilaxy exchanges. TTF contract address: 0xa898df02906d40ec81900b3a5ba36ea20d09b7cc

Visit our official website www.turbotrix.finance for more information. Our app launch soon. #PancakeSwap #BinanceSmartChain


A utility token securely running on Binance Smart Chain Network technology empowering the TurboTrx ecosystem with faster transactions. www.turbotrixfinance.com

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