Should you use a Wordpress speed optimization service or do it yourself?

Having a slow website is costing you a significant amount of money. For every extra second, you’re estimated to lose 11% traffic and 7% conversion rates, not to mention the SEO downsides, losing you even more value. Depending on your budget and the importance of your website, there are three main routes you can choose in order to solve this problem:

1) FREE OPTION, PRICE: FREE — Do it yourself
Doing it yourself will be time consuming and results will not be incredible. But, if you’re just starting out, this might be the only solution. Start reading guides and start testing your website on the four main testing tools: Google Page Speed Insights, GtMetrix, Pingdom and, most importantly, WebPageTest.

2) LOW-COST OPTION, PRICE: 100$ — Use a medium optimization service from specialized companies or freelancing sites

A basic optimization can be performed in 1 day or less and can be brought for as low as 100$ on freelancing sites such as Freelancer or UpWork if one is low on budget. These are usually not performed by a specialized freelancer but by a generalist “Wordpress ninja.” Such a basic optimization, if executed correctly, will be around half as effective as an advanced one. For a website producing very little money (and therefore losing less due to being slow), a basic optimization might be a good choice.

Recommended for: Websites from non-western countries for which speed is not an essential factor, such as local accountants, local lawyers, local vets, etc. websites.

When it comes to more important websites, mathematics shows that they’re losing too much money by not going for a premium option. If a website is producing 1000$ a month and losing even just 10% due to opting for basic instead of premium, that means losing 1200$ over the course of a year.

3) PREMIUM OPTION, PRICE: 300$ — Use an advanced optimization service such as that will transform your website into a symphony of beautifully loading scripts

An advanced optimization, unlike a medium one, requires around three days of non-stop hard work and a certain amount of skill. Put simply, such an optimization means doing absolutely every single thing that can be done to make that specific website reach maximum speed. It means transforming it into one of the fastest websites on the internet. It involves fine tuning of every little piece of code, adequate implementation of dozens of optimization techniques and proper removal of any specific problems the website in question might have.

How fast can a regular website get after such an optimization?

Usually, a standard wordpress website that went through such a procedure will reach:

  • 0.6s-1.1s start render time (time in which the upper part of the page loads) — this means the website will appear to load almost instantaneously to visitors
  • 1.2s — 2.0s total loading time

These are numbers measured on — the only tool that measures real speed for real users. Those claiming they can reach 0.3s speeds will, in 100% of the cases, refer you to Pingdom or Gtmetrix measurements that mean nothing when it comes to actual loading speed for real users.


If your website is making 500$+ per month, you’re losing too much money to go for a medium solution. An advanced optimization provided at a fair price is what mathematics recommends in such cases. Thankfully, free market has provided an answer. Turbo Web is the first PREMIUM speed optimization company with prices meant for outsourcing. The extreme cost efficiency of speed optimization is now, for the first time, being provided at a highly optimized price.

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