Was the attack at Ohio State an argument against gun control or for it?
Scott Spira

A few things I’d mention Scott.

First, 2/3 of the 33,000 number are suicides, which don’t really implicate gun laws because there’s no possible legislation that could stop someone who’s decided to kill themselves, and if it weren’t a gun they’d use something else.

Second, the term assault weapon was made up by the gun control community in an attempt to make certain guns sound scarier and easier to ban. The fact of the matter is, assault weapons are characterized as such based on cosmetic features, not based on some increased lethality.

Third, you incorrectly use assault weapon with assault rifle interchangeably. An assault rifle is a fully automatic weapon generally only found in military hands, as they’ve been mostly banned for decades.

Fourth, you say you don’t see sensible regulations on guns. Well, there are thousands of gun control laws on the books in this country, so maybe you agree with gun rights proponents who say those laws are not sensible, but rather are aimed at making gun ownership as inconvenient as possible so fewer people do it?

Finally, with regard to the Homer Simpson pic, that was being used to demonstrate the fact that many people lie in wait for tragedies like this to happen so they can use them to justify their political agendas. That’s not to say they want them to happen, but they definitely manipulate them with no sense of decency or accuracy. There was an article here on Medium after the first news headline went up blaming the attack on the NRA.

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