Thank you for telling the truth.
Eve Moran

According to your own link, and several others i could find, the man who did the shooting told police that he shot a white supremacist in self defense. Now the victim may not have been a white supremacist, but if the shooter thought he was, doesn’t that seem to suggest that the shooter was protesting Milo and his supposed “white supremacist” supporters? What about that makes you think the shooter was a Milo supporter?

Now, here is the crucial question: how would we prove that what Milo did wasn’t choreographed?

Well, you can’t prove a negative, so…

How do we know if he knew that the shooting outside would happen? He clearly had a statement prepared to go with it.

Why is that clear? He left the stage when he was told about the shooting, so he had ample time to figure out something to say. Also, if you’ve ever heard Milo speak, he talks fast. Whatever his faults may be, he’s quick-witted.

You’re stretching ridiculously by suggesting this was orchestrated attempted murder.

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