Photos: Berkeley Protest Against White-Supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos
Cirrus Wood

Previously, in January, he was driven from UC Davis, where protests likewise prevented him from speaking.

Followed immediately by;

Inevitably, the right has tried to paint the protest and its aftermath as some sort of attack on free speech.

Uh…yeah. Preventing someone from speaking sounds a bit like an attack on free speech doesn’t it?

One of the dumbest, and most brazen, tactics of the left is the perversion of language. Once upon a time, words had a pretty standard meaning, everyone knew what you meant when you used them. Not so these days. Now if the word you want to apply doesn’t really fit the action, you just change the definition of the word itself without telling anyone. Just move those goalposts. Of course, the listener doesn’t know you’ve changed the definition, so they think the action must fit well with the word.

Women used to not have the right to vote, black people used to be lynched, actions that properly fit the term sexist and racist. Those things don’t really happen anymore, so now the left simply reinterprets the words to mean anything they want. More women choose to pursue education in less lucrative careers? Sexist patriarchy. More women take time away from home to raise children, cutting their earnings? Sexist patriarchy. More black people commit crimes than whites leading to higher black incarceration rates? Racist.

It’s nothing more than stupid, disingenuous, linguistic manipulation. Just like claiming that speaking out about feminism and the potential threat of Islam is “hate speech and inciting violence”. I absolutely love the straight-faced hypocrisy of the left in saying that conservative speakers should be censored because they are inciting violence with their hate speech, all the while they praise the people actively rioting and destroying buildings. Because none of that is inciting violence is it? No, of course not, because those people are just responding to hate speech so it’s ok.

Tell me exactly what the grievance was that these protesters had against Chase bank that they decided to smash its windows?

Denying white supremacists a platform at the time and place of their choosing is not a violation of free speech

Yes, it absolutely is. If only popular speech is protected, then speech isn’t really free now is it? If we allow horribleness like the Westboro Baptist church spewing their nonsense, then clearly we should be committed to protecting all speech.

Here’s a crazy thought. If you or anyone else doesn’t like what Milo has to say, don’t go listen.

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